Pregnancy Massage Extra special indulgence for an extra special time in life.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be very demanding on a mother’s body, which is why she deserves and requires extra special care.

Specifically designed to ease your aches and pains in pregnancy – or after, once baby is born, your massage will:

  • whip away your worries
  • dissolve your stress
  • lessen fluid retention and

Our team of maternity-massage certified mobile therapists bring all the benefits of pregnancy and postnatal massage, direct to you in the comfort of your home.

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

120 Minutes

Remedial Massage aims at treating a specific area of your body that needs rehabilitating.

The practice of this form of massage goes way on back to the 1700’s.  In those days remedial therapists were known as ‘rubbers’.  Rubbers had little training, they were simply known in the village for being intuitives with a ‘handy’ knack for musculoskeletal healing.  Simple techniques aside, so successful were these ‘rubbing’ sorts that local surgeons would hire them out to help with patient rehab.

Pregnancy and Post-pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is all about delivering much needed massage to mums who need it most.

We come to you, wherever that may be. No mess, no fuss we simply turn up and help you unwind from life’s chaos for a while – making you feel great and widening your smile.

All our therapists in pregnancy massage are trained specialists who show expert care to expecting Mums.

The combination of fresh scented towels, our comfy massage tables (that you’ll feel completely safe lying on), along with the skill of knowing just what to do to make things right for you, has made our pregnancy massage treatments of our most sought after services yet.

What exactly is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage aims to ease your aches and lighten your load, using just the right amount of light to moderate pressure to correspond to your condition and the stage of pregnancy you’re at.

A variety of techniques are applied – while you lie on your side – making sure you’re left feeling relaxed and renewed.

For pregnant Mums

Your therapist will focus on areas that trouble you most, it could be your lower back, your hips and - or the bottom of your spine. You’ll have your sore feet and legs gently massaged too, bringing a stack of relief if you have any swelling.

We won’t ever ask you to lie face down because any extra pressure on your tummy is no good for baby, and no good for your spine.

Our mums are amazed how much regular massage in pregnancy helps their body manage the many changes that happen week to week.

Pregnancy massage:

  • improves your circulation
  • reduces tension
  • eases swelling and joint pain
  • maintains muscle tone
  • stimulates your nervous system
  • eases aches and discomfort
  • helps improve quality of sleep
  • helps you feel happier in your skin

For post-pregnancy Mums

Pregnancy can be a stressful time where your body’s spent 9 months morphing into an whole new shape Once baby has hatched, regular post-pregnancy massage can really help get your body (and headspace) back on track again.

Postnatal Massage focuses on reconditioning your muscles and connective tissue that’s been altered in the course of carrying your baby. It caters to specific areas that suffered strain from pregnancy and delivery – and helps your body bounce back again in a natural and optimal way.

Regular massage after pregnancy is an important part of taking care of YOU.

If you’re not feeling good and your body’s in bad shape, it’s harder also for your baby to thrive. Massage after pregnancy helps your body, your mind and your emotions feel a great deal better, fast.

Post pregnancy massage:

  • Helps your uterus cleanse and recover
  • Improves circulation reducing any swelling
  • Helps your body mend from trauma and stress
  • Reverses weakness triggered by pregnancy hormones
  • Helps Midsection muscles become stronger and tighter
  • Lifts your mood and can help with postpartum blues
  • Increases blood flow so stretched tissues recover

We tailor your post-pregnancy massage entirely around you and your routine with your baby.

No need to fret about unexpected interruptions – be it nappy changes, or needed feeds.  Your therapist understands the necessary breaks, so your massage duration won’t ever end up being any shorter than you booked.

Did you know?

You can begin post-pregnancy massage as soon as 1-5 days after normal delivery and 1-2 weeks after a C-section birth. For maximum benefits and fastest recovery post-pregnancy, massage should be as regular and consecutive as possible.

For Mums and their friends

When expecting mums – or mums of new bubs -  spend so much time alone, it can be great therapy and a whole lot of fun to have a massage gathering with your friends. 

Our team bring the massage tables, the towels and techniques – let us know what you’d specifically like and we’ll serve up a treat.

Remember: Drink lots of water after having a massage

After your massage be sure and drink plenty of water to help flush cellular waste released from your tissues.

What the medical community has to say:

Pregnancy massage is generally considered safe and exceedingly helpful when carried out by trained professional therapists.  Always consult your doctor before you have a pregnancy massage however, especially if you are in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, if you are experiencing nausea or vomiting, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, abdominal pain or bleeding.

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